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Out Now!

Dare Me
(Demon Underground #5)

Out Now!

Magick Rising

Coming Next:

Catch Me
(Demon Underground #6)

What’s a vampire slayer to do when San Antonio’s vampire leader goes missing and rogue vampires are suddenly on the rise? Find him and bring him back—no matter what the cost—before the vacuum of power pits vampire against vampire in a deadly showdown for supremacy with her boyfriend Austin’s immortal life at stake.

When she discovers that her ex Shade may have been “accidentally” responsible, Val Shapiro’s problems take on a whole new dimension and her loyalty to everyone in her life will be tested.



Q:  Is Dare Me the last book in the series?

A:  No!  Catch Me is out next. Watch this space for more info!


Q:  How many books will be in the series?

A:  I don't know yet.  :-)


Q:  Do you offer bookmarks?

A:  Check my Contact page!

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